Saturday, September 27, 2008

it is all good

Even after a hurricane, many days without power and living out of suitcases for a while. Nothing says home like a good friend.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dancing with the Sparks

Is it unfair that I can sneak up the blind?

Hey! He could use his nose!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Well I may not be the Lizard King...

But I am a HERO and the 'Possum Queen & I have solved the mystery (for Mom) of the "monster under the shed". For months Sparky & I have been very vocal about critters living under the shed. Mom & others thought it was just Sparky being neurotic as he would bark for hours (literally) & chew on the shed. We would start barking & want out at all hours of the night. Mom was fed-up with our behavior!!

Saturday was THE DAY. Me and my Ss were all here to help so she was going to understand the mystery once and for all. Then Sparky (and me, just not as much) would shut up or go away (????).

She spent hours clearing all the plants, bricks and stuff from around the base of the shed. Then she proceeded to clean the debris out from under it.

As she was removing the last brick a tail was evident. A bare, white tail!!! She tried to grab it, but it got away. She knew then ... That juvenile opossum Sparky & I got the other morning was not just a fluke! Yes!! There is a family of opossums living under the shed. (We TRIED to tell her.)
Well, mom took a break & was asking us just how she was going to get those varmits out of there.

I saw my opportunity! I started digging! I dug myself a hole under that shed and went to work doing what I am bred to do!

I went in and after a loud fight, I, mighty dog that i am, sent 'possums running every where!

My Ss had my back! Seig was on duty, Sparky was covering the back, Sue was confused and Sam was bored. However, we won! Mom was so proud of us. We got the juvies. Sparky had mom by the tail as she tried to escape under fence and into the woods. Seig came in & tried to help, but she got away. Sue ended up helping once things were explained to her.

There was a flurry of action and not any pictures, until after. But here are a few.

It was a dirty job!

It was a great day for all but the 'possums!

Note to Becky. 'Possum juvie does not equal cute!